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Hello, My name is Celia Enders.
I'm a translator for German, English and Spanish.

A high-quality translation stands for professionalism and inspires confidence.

I'm a German native speaker. I studied English language and literature and haven been living in Spain for almost 10 years. I work efficiently, responsibly and accurately. That's why discerning clients are in good hands with me.

I translate English and Spanish texts into German. I proofread texts that have already been translated into German and review, if necessary, their correct translation from the English or Spanish original. When translating into English or Spanish or proofreading texts in those languages, I work with native translators of the respective language.

About me

I studied English Language & Literature and Sociology at the University of Bremen and the University of Potsdam, Germany. After having finished my master's degree in 2006, I started working as translator for German and English. On compassionate grounds I moved to Spain in 2007 where I started studying the Spanish language and culture. Now I'm also translating Spanish texts into German.

Mallorca, which I call my home now, abounds with translators. But my clients keep telling me how difficult it is to find responsible and professional translators. To my understanding, a good translation includes a close exchange with my clients, the creation of a wording list (in order to allow a uniform use of terms - also in future projects) and most importantly: to think for my clients!


The costs for a translation are so manifold as the individual translation projects. Generally, I'm charging between 10 and 12 cents per word. However, this can vary depending on the project's degree of difficulty, its urgency and whether technical terms are provided or not.

Please feel free to contact me, if you have any further questions or if you would like to get a personal estimate of costs.

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Mobile: +34 688 973 999

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